Pokemon Black And White Season 15 Episodes In Hindi

Videos Season 2 Episode 1 Synopsis Kids are taking their game very seriously! Pikachu, Blastoise and Charizard are already on a quest of adventures. They are trying to collect different parts to get a Eevee. A snooty gangster type of guy, Brock is also trying to get an Eevee to evolve. Pikachu doesn't like the look of Brock and starts his own adventure. Blastoise and Charizard try to stop Brock from getting the Eevee. Meanwhile the gangster Brock kidnaps Misty, after which the gangster goes on a rampage. The gangster kidnaps Misty, making the gangster Brock into a hero. Episode 2 Kids are about to go on the big adventure to catch an Eevee. Charizard and Blastoise are excited about it. When they arrive at the place they are going to catch the Eevee, they are thrilled to find it. Pikachu is very confused about this. He thinks that they have been given a very important task. They have to help the Eevee grow up to be an adult. Pikachu is all happy to help. They decide to go back home to look for the help of Brock. Blastoise gives the Eevee a nickname: Turtwig. Episode 3 The gangster Brock is on the rampage. He kidnaps the gangster Ash and Misty. The gangster Brock can't understand what they are saying because he is high on drugs. Pikachu and Turtwig decide to help Ash and Misty by going to Brock's hideout. They are shocked to see the gangster Brock in the gangster's place. The gangster Brock realizes that he has been caught. The gangster Brock blasts them with the electric blast and makes them crash. Ash and Misty realize that Pikachu and Turtwig were trying to help them. The gangster Brock bursts into tears when he finds out what Pikachu and Turtwig did for them. Episode 4 The kids are preparing to go on a trek in order to catch an Eevee. The gangster Brock wants to do the same. Turtwig is a bit scared about the trek. When the gangster Brock goes on the trek he becomes scared too. Turtwig tries to comfort the gangster. They both become friends. The gangster Brock returns to the gangster's place and sees that the gangster had become a different person. The gangster Brock is thrilled to see that the

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